I spent a lot of time with the Neville Brothers and Dr. John and different people. They play different styles of music, and it allowed me to learn different styles.

Trombone Shorty

Trombone Shorty

Profession: Musician
Nationality: American

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I didn't grow up during the time that Louis Armstrong or Miles Davis and all those people were playing. So it's not really my responsibility to keep it up, what they were doing.

Life would be pretty boring if I didn't explore. It's about letting my ears take me on an adventure to soak in everything I can.

Everywhere I go around the world, we have fans of New Orleans. Sometimes we go places, and people don't really know who we are, but they know New Orleans, and once we say we are from New Orleans, we have a lot of supporters.

If people aren't dancing, we're not doing our job.

Music for us is a place of joy. Bringin' joy... that's what we are all about.

People get caught up in recreating something, and that actually hurts the genre of music because there's nothing new.

I may be taking a different approach, being a guy leading a band with a trombone, but if you take that out of it and put in a guitar or keyboard, it would be considered funk-rock music.

My only time off is when I'm sleeping.

As a kid, I would wake up, and there'd be a jazz funeral while I'm walking to school. And when I come home, you can find Rebirth band playing for a birthday party the same day.

I'm big fans of all those musicians, B.B. King, Mick Jagger - they're all on my iPod.

All New Orleans music is based off dance music, even jazz.

I'm always trying to emulate guitar. Especially when I'm playing the trombone, that's what I think about. Like, I listen to guitar players every day: Warren Haynes, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, different people. And I'm always trying to find out a way how I can get my trombone to sound like that.

I've lost a bunch of friends - some of them in jail, some of them made bad choices, some of them aren't where they should be.

What's crazy about my life is that the biggest things that have happened just happen.