If you think that a coup to overthrow the elected government is a coup everywhere, then you should remember how elections in Ukraine took place in 2004, how elections in Georgia took place in 2003, when the elections results have been torn and thrown away by revolutionary action.

Sergei Lavrov

Sergei Lavrov

Profession: Politician
Nationality: Russian

Some suggestions for you :

Humanitarian issues must bring together all people who act in good faith trying to alleviate the suffering of people in dire need - especially women, children and the elderly.

I don't think you can perpetrate war crimes with defensive weapons, with air defense systems.

Even the state TV channels are not monolithic in their pro-government line, and the views they express are quite pluralistic.

We believe Russian-American relations are broader and larger than emotions and mutual grudges, including the situation with the U.S. fugitive Edward Snowden.

We firmly oppose the use of violence in the course of current transformations in Arab States, especially against civilians. We are well aware of the fact that the transformation of a society is a complex and generally long process, which rarely goes smoothly.

We believe that this is not right for a democracy to make revolutions the beacon of promoting democracy.

We can say that Japan is the only country that calls into question the outcome of the Second World War; no one else does.

Attempts to put pressure on Russia and to compel it to abandon its values, truth and justice have no prospects whatsoever.

Historical experience shows that a crisis causes either a recovery or catastrophic consequences.

Saddam Hussein was the one person after whom the United States went, and they ruined the country.

We have looked into the general problems with adoption in the United States, and we discovered - on the basis of the reports written by American NGOs - we discovered that not only Russians but kids from other countries and the American-born kids have been subject to very unfortunate behavior on the part of their adopted parents.

Russia is doing all it can to promote early stabilisation in Ukraine.

I can only say it is not for us to decide who should lead Syria. It is for the Syrians to decide.

Iran will be the most checked and inspected country if the principles agreed in Lausanne are transferred into the language of practical agreements.