Sometimes you usually know the point where to keep your mouth shut.

Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson

Profession: Athlete
Nationality: American

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To be able to sit back and enjoy the game, sit back and watch guys that you know played and you might have worked with it or you personally know, it's cool; it's awesome to sit back and say I know that guy because you're more of a fan of that game and that person.

I'm not coming back to play.

Guys try to take you out of the game if they know they can. So especially if you've got a playmaker, guys on the defense would do that.

I have my own people that make my clothes because it's hard for me to find stuff that fits.

When I first came into the league, my first three, four years, I had a teammate from college win a Super Bowl.

Sometimes, it's just unfortunate you get injured in the game. But you can definitely take strides to prevent those things.

I've watched Urkel since I was a little kid.

It is what it is. I balled out, had some good years, man, had fun and did it with some guys and made relationships that will never end.

If I was to keep playing, I had to play in Detroit, and it just wasn't for me anymore.

Whatever you want to call it, they have all these names for these coverages, I've seen them. Like those linemen coming out to jam me on the line of scrimmage. A lot of crazy stuff.

My phone blows up all the time. I had to change my number.

I don't think things have changed for me. Yes, I got a big contract, but my focus is still the same.

That's what everybody calls me, 'Cheat Code,' because they just throw the ball up to me.

You never know what can happen in football. It's football.