I don't think the distinction between high and low culture exists anymore.

Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott

Profession: Fashion Designer
Nationality: American

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I fell in love with L.A. To me, it is the most quintessentially American city.

I think about my friends all the time when I'm designing. That's always an arbiter. Would Katy wear this? Would Rihanna wear this? Would Sia wear it? Would Miley wear it?

There's a lot of fashion that I don't respond to and I just walk on. I always look for things that make me happy, and in my work, all I'm doing is trying to convey that joy. Fashion should always be fun.

When I was born, my family was so poor that there was no money to buy food. So the church bought groceries for us - there wasn't any kind of privilege.

I follow my inspiration to wherever it goes. I do want the fans to feel the fun and excitement about it, and I like for people to be able to make their own interpretations about my work.

I love the low-rider cars and that whole culture.

I ultimately do still feel like an outsider, and I do feel, actually, I'm more in the world of music because of how much I participate with musicians - in all aspects, not just clothes.

McDonald's, Barbie - they're all icons, recognizable from London to Timbuktu.

I was in heaven when I saw Taraji P. Henson wearing Moschino!

I think when people think of something as basic, they think that it's boring.

I've been thinking a lot about how we worship celebrity and how we have Elvis and Marilyn Monroe and Jesus all on the same playing field.

When Jackie Kennedy wanted to wear her favourite European designers, she was told no. She had to start working with brands like Adolfo, who had to create Chanel knock-offs because that's what she wanted to wear.

We have to fight for everything we believe in.

The main thing I hope people see is how passionate I am about my work, and I know people talk about it, but I do work really hard on my stuff, and it means a lot to me.