I think complacency is what you allow it to be.

Draymond Green

Draymond Green

Profession: Athlete
Nationality: American

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I grew up in a household where my mom made $16,000 a year. I know the struggle. I know how to keep those things in perspective, and I do keep it into perspective.

My mom. Growing up with her, she always taught us to say whatever. Like, 'You think something, say it. Don't bite your tongue for people.' I think there's a fine line with that, but at the same time, I'm a firm believer in speaking your mind.

The fans at Quicken Loans Arena are pretty hostile. They say nasty things.

I've been pretty broke my entire life. I'm not going to live that same life, but I'm going to keep those same principles.

That's one of my strengths, that I can adjust, and I can play with anyone.

I watch basketball all day every day. So when I'm watching the games, I watch it - I just enjoy watching basketball - but when I'm watching other people play, I'm really just watching as a student trying to figure different things out.

I can't worry about techs. I've got to play my game.

I'm a huge fan of basketball. Any time you get a chance to watch basketball, I do it.

If you put junk into your body, your body is going to give you junk results.

It's the way of life in Saginaw. If you're not tough, you don't survive.

My whole life, I've guarded guys bigger than me.

Wherever you go in Michigan, you find that toughness. I don't know if it's the weather or the hard times. It's like, if I can make it out of here, I had to be super tough.

When you play against people that's better than you, you get better.

One thing I've always been taught at the defensive end is you hit first. In life, you throw the first punch; you don't get punched first. It's the same on defense: You've got to hit first. Do your work early. That's what I was always taught. If you don't do your work early, you're done.