I fell in love with L.A. To me, it is the most quintessentially American city.

Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott

Profession: Fashion Designer
Nationality: American

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I'm a populist. I'm the people's designer... It's important that there are price points that allow people in who maybe don't have the ability to have higher-ticket items - but they can still have something very emblematic of the collection.

I grew up on a farm and didn't have connections, and I had a dream that I believed in, and I felt passionate about it, so if I can instill hope into somebody too with the film, that's what I most want.

I feel my role is to push boundaries. I don't like things to be safe and sedentary. So controversy is the cross I have to bear.

I'm a very normal person with a very even keel.

I've met people with my prints tattooed on them, my face tattooed on them - I have that commitment and love.

The main thing I hope people see is how passionate I am about my work, and I know people talk about it, but I do work really hard on my stuff, and it means a lot to me.

Melania rarely wears American labels, with the exception of Ralph Lauren, who created a duplication of a Jackie Kennedy look, which was basically a costume anyway.

Fashion should have a transgressive nature; it can make you feel like someone else, give you heightened emotion. It should bring you joy and uplift you.

I softened in my old age.

One thing I have that the majority of other designers don't is humor. That's distinctly my approach, and it was distinctly Franco Moschino's, too.

When I had no place to live and I had no place to sleep - and I did sleep in the Metro - I held steadfast to the fact that I had a dream, a reason why I'm doing this... that it was bigger than this moment.

I'm never going to be inspired by some obscure film, which isn't to say I don't enjoy that sort of thing. I just want to share my work with everyone.

If Michelle Obama had stepped out in an outrageously priced jacket by an Italian designer, heads would have rolled. People would have said it was deplorable.

Posterity is something I'm a big fan of because that's how you leave your legacy. Not to sound pompous, but just to be truthful.