A lot about this industry is about who you know. If you set a really good example for yourself, and someone likes that, then they might recommend you to someone else. It doesn't matter what job you're in, any profession, it's always the same.

Tom Holland

Tom Holland

Profession: Actor
Nationality: British

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I think 'Spider-Man 2' is one of the greatest superhero movies ever made.

I was joking with my agent that I'm going to get typecast for a water-disaster actor.

I've got a huge family back in Ireland, and I've made loads of movies in Ireland.

I like to consider myself a tech fan. That doesn't mean I'm a tech whiz, by any means.

I try and let the film do the talking.

Peter Parker can't dance. He can flip and climb up walls and do backflips, but he definitely can't dance.

I went to an all-boys school, where I played rugby, so ballet wasn't the coolest thing to do.

The most important thing, in anything you do, is always trying your hardest, because even if you try your hardest and it's not as good as you'd hoped, you still have that sense of not letting yourself down.

When I was young, my mom realized I could dance and hold a beat, and I really danced just for fun. It was good exercise.

I remember actually going to see the first 'Avengers' with one of my best mates from home. I'd never have dreamed that I'd be in one of these movies, let alone playing Spider-Man.

Zendaya is the one. At serving looks, she is the one to go to for tips.

I think these movies are definitely comedies. It's quite difficult to take a superhero movie seriously because everything is heightened. A kid being bitten by a radioactive spider and getting superpowers is kind of ridiculous.

Best thing about shooting in Atlanta at night is that it's not as hot as it is during the day.

I always wanted to be a stuntman. If acting went well and I was able to take a year out, I might train and get on the stunt register, which gives you qualifications so you can do more of your own stunts.