Chicago was where I realized that improv is its own thing, its own art form. And through that, you kind of develop a work ethic of not selling it short.

Thomas Middleditch

Thomas Middleditch

Profession: Actor
Nationality: Canadian

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When you're an actor who just got his first big chunk of change, and you're like, 'What do I do with it?' you try to look at Silicon Valley, and the learning curve is so huge. Especially on the investor side. I don't want to say it's like Vegas, in a sense, but you do kinda roll the dice on some companies. It's like educated dice rolling.

T.J. Miller and Kumail Nanjiani I met when I was in Chicago, learning how to do comedy.

I think when you go in, with film or television, you want to tell this narrative. And with 'Joshy,' you want it to be grounded with moments - it's not like, 'Everyone be as funny as you can, quickly, at all times!' It's not like that. You have to pick the right improvisers.

I want to work with Wes Anderson, Paul Thomas Anderson, the Coen Brothers, or Spike Jonze.

I like a nice, crisp pilsner or lager.

If you think 'Game of Thrones' throws around some erroneous, unnecessary nudity, wait til you see 'Silicon Valley.'

I would never say that girls and their bachelorette parties are tame.

Game design has always been a secondary passion. I don't know how to program, though, so I'm at this strange crossroads where I'm like, 'I wonder if I can convince people who know what they're doing to hear me out on one of my ideas.'

My nerdy pursuits are more like video games, Dungeons and Dragons, stuff like that.

You can't predict the future, and you've got to go with your gut on these things, and I'm sure if you speak to a laundry list of CEOs and people who have gone through the startup process themselves, they'll say it's an endless hurdle race, and you are inevitably going to catch your legs on hurdles, and it's just how you roll with that.

Speaking as someone who's played a lot of video games, and at the end of the video game all you have is a memory, after woodworking you get this piece of furniture.

I'm definitely not frowning on improv; I mean, I've been doing it for years. I just think that there's some styles of comedy that warrant a tighter pace.

I like my flight sims because I can set up a very robust joystick setup and my head tracking software.

All of my guy friends are pretty civil and tame.