We have been trained not to think about our health care until there's a problem.

Anne Wojcicki

Anne Wojcicki

Profession: Entrepreneur
Nationality: American

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Nobody can quantify for you what's the impact of eating fiber every day, for instance. We can say we think it's good. But some people might say 'Oh, it reduces your risk of colon cancer by 20%, some people might say it reduces your risk by 25%.'

It is important to democratize personal genetics and make it more accessible.

As a parent, the most responsible thing I can do is get as much information about my children as possible so I can then think through how I can make them as healthy as possible.

I was really raised in a gender-neutral household. I always knew I was a girl, but it never occurred to me that there was a limitation.

I have an unreasonably optimistic view of the world.

When I graduated from college in 1996 and the Internet was taking off, I remember this feeling that there was an open range where anything could be built.

FDA clearance is an important step on the path towards getting genetic information integrated with routine medical care.

Big data is going to make us all healthier.

Big challenges are an accumulation of small challenges.

I like company lunches because I think going out wastes valuable time; plus, a lot of good ideas come up over lunch.

One of the best aspects of health care reform is it starts to emphasize prevention.

Our understanding of how DNA informs our health and development is advancing at an incredible pace.

You can get so much value just from being genotyped.

It's one of the things I want people to understand about science... You don't have to be the best person in the world at it. But you can be good, and there are so many different opportunities in science.