Nobody likes Jews. You can't say people like Jews. We're not popular. We're too smart to be liked. But it has been unacceptable to express anti-Semitism since the Holocaust.

Miriam Margolyes

Miriam Margolyes

Profession: Actress
Nationality: British

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I don't for a second regret my closeness to them because they were wonderful, golden parents who gave me so much confidence.

I want people to be open to the idea of sitting down and reading a Dickens book. They will also have a great time.

I've always felt that Donald Trump was a Dickensian character because he is so ridiculous. With his hair and his arrogance, he is certainly Dickensian in his absurdity.

People seem comfortable with me. And maybe that's got a lot to do with shows like Graham Norton. You just tell it like it is on those programs.

I still miss my parents every day; I adored them. And when you have no children, friends are even more important to you.

I was waiting for a train at Waverley Station in Edinburgh. My knee was hurting, so I asked a young man for his seat. He replied, 'There's one over there'. I said, 'Please', and when he refused I poured my water over him.

Everything's harder for women: harder to start, to stay employed, to run a life with a family.

Getting older is a hideous experience; I'm so glad I only have to do it once. But I've kept my mind, my career, my relationship, and I have enough money - I've been blessed.

Where I think the American actor is slightly at a disadvantage is in vocal technique. I don't think that words are their friend in the same way that English actors are used to using words: understanding about consonance and how to shade a vowel to show emotional color.

I don't like religion.

I very much regret that I haven't been taken more seriously. I would love to have been at the National or the RSC.

That's one reason India is an attractive proposition for retiring. Servants are much more reasonable than in England. It's not exploitation so long as you pay a proper salary.

I wouldn't consider retiring to India: there are too many people, and it's difficult walking along the pavements. I'd love to spend two or three months a year there.

I don't like class distinction, and there is far too much of that in England.