I try and let the film do the talking.

Tom Holland

Tom Holland

Profession: Actor
Nationality: British

Some suggestions for you :

'Spider-Man' was the best time of my life. I was there with my best friend. We shot in Atlanta. We shot every day and just had an absolute blast. 'Avengers' was crazy because you're on set every day with actors I never dreamed I would work with. I'm as much a fan as anyone else.

My big thing was when you see a superhero movie where their powers ain't consistent - like, they lift a truck but then struggle to fight just a regular human being - it makes it harder to believe.

Dublin is one of my favourite cities. It's an absolutely amazing place.

I don't want to be stuck to one character. I think that's what can happen when you take on a superhero movie.

I never thought I would be Spider-Man in an 'Avengers' movie, but it's such a surreal experience, dude. It's so crazy.

The 20-year goal is to be a film director. The 15-year goal is to win an Oscar. The five-year goal is to just keep enjoying myself.

I remember watching 'Avengers 1' for the first time and thinking, 'God, one day I want to be in one of those movies.' I just want to be in the movie.

There's too much we don't know about the ocean to make me feel comfortable around it.

For some reason, I skipped the original 'Star Wars.' I don't know why, and I'm very embarrassed.

I love the process of making a movie so much as an actor that I can only imagine I would love the process of being the director.

Me and my mates go free running all the time. It's not my mum's favourite sport. I've probably jumped four metres on to grass and two metres between buildings. It's nothing like you see on the Internet, with guys jumping off skyscrapers, but it's fun.

On stage you need to emphasize every emotion. But on screen you need to tone everything down and make it believable.

I have a photographic memory.

Peter Parker's storyline hits every key point of growing up.