My life would have been different without Paul Stanley or Ace Frehley. They would have to be the greatest on my list as an influence to my life at 11 years old.

Mike McCready

Mike McCready

Profession: Musician
Nationality: American

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There are some people who have stayed with us our whole career, which is pretty cool too.

I remember, after the New Year's Eve 1991 show, somebody running onto the bus and saying Nirvana had just hit No. 1. I remember thinking, 'Wow; it's on now.' It changed something. We had something to prove - that our band was as good as I thought it was.

Chris Cornell painted in song the darkness and beauty of life in Seattle.

I think our fans are bigger and better students of Pearl Jam than we are.

It's always cool when somebody from a football team or baseball team comes to your show.

As a band, we just don't tolerate any kind of abuse or intolerance of any kind of LGBT people by any kind of government.

We were accused of sounding like a couple of bands when we started out. Aerosmith was one.

Reason why we've lasted so long is we write music; we get very intense. We go away from each other, do our own thing, and then we get back together.

To just meet people that have Crohn's or colitis and to hear their stories gives me a lot of hope and a lot of courage.

That's a fantasy of mine. We could do every record in a residency. It would be so cool. We could play the B-sides along with the album and get really creative with it.

I'm sober now and very happy.

We want to push boundaries musically if we can and come at things from a different direction.

Actors want to be musicians, and musicians want to be baseball players.

Playing albums in sequence can be awesome, or it can be very limiting.