We have spent billions to go to the moon - we go to this lesser satellite called the moon and say we are in space, but we are in space right now; we just don't feel ourselves to be in space. Some forms of art and some forms of spirituality do give us that sense.

James Turrell

James Turrell

Profession: Artist
Nationality: American

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I'm working to bring celestial objects like the sun and moon into the spaces that we inhabit.

When you sit down and see someone play at a piano, you don't think, 'Wow - what a fantastic machine.'

There is an idea, first of all, of vision fully formed with the eyes closed. Of course the vision we have in a lucid dream often has greater lucidity and clarity than vision with the eyes open.

It's really terrific to see Pittsburgh recognize the Mattress Factory.

In a way, light unites the spiritual world and the ephemeral, physical world. People frequently talk about spiritual experiences using the vocabulary of light: Saul on the road to Damascus, near-death experiences, samadhi or the light-filled void of Buddhist enlightenment.

We live within this reality we create, and we're quite unaware of how we create the reality.

I come from a family that does not believe in art to this day. They think art is vanity.

I sell blue sky and coloured air.

There's traditionally been a large disconnection in contemporary art between the audience and the artist. Generally, audiences are looking towards what they like, and I can tell you, that's the last thing on an artist's mind.

It is only when light is reduced that the pupil opens and feeling goes out of the eyes like touch.

I am interested in the physicality of light itself.

Nowhere in the job description of an artist is the requirement that I must validate your taste.

We're part of creating this world in which we live, but we're unaware of how we do that or even that we do that.

In Arizona, we're at 7,000 feet, so we're above half of the world's atmosphere. It's crisp but hard, a side-raking light that can be revealing but doesn't have the softness that maritime air has.