Comedy can be a little brutal, but not in a satisfying way.

Jenny Slate

Jenny Slate

Profession: Actress
Nationality: American

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It's important to say women are complex.

I like to wear dresses and skirts when I go onstage because the attitude that I have is, 'I'm so excited to introduce myself to you.' And I want to be wearing what I'd be wearing to a date or a dinner party.

I do think that character types trend. As a female comedian, the parts that come my way are often terrible women.

I tend to watch things that aren't really the genre of my own work.

I've called myself an accidental activist because I came to it not on purpose.

It was so quick for me on 'SNL.' It's not something I consider to be, like, one of the big spaces in my career.

You don't have to be in the brightest, shiniest state of being an individual to feel like you're exceptional.

I always thought that farts were funny, and I always thought that they were mine to talk about because they came out of my body.

I didn't hit puberty until I was, like, 17, so I love to talk about that.

I wanted to be in New York because I wanted to be on 'SNL.' I spent a lot of time wanting to be on 'Saturday Night Live' as a kid. That's what I wanted.

I want to write a studio movie, but probably one that's for me to be in.

I like any film where the female characters are complex and have a functioning imperfection.

I really like to cook and have dinner parties and I like to clean, it really clears my head and it makes me feel good to keep my home as a comfortable place.

I tend to be a bit of a workaholic, but I also can't function without some sort of domesticity as well.