With superstars like Aamirji and Salmanji playing real-life wrestlers, the sport will get some positive attention. Just like hockey did when Shah Rukhji played a hockey player in 'Chak De.'

Sangram Singh

Sangram Singh

Profession: Wrestler
Nationality: Indian

Some suggestions for you :

Maintaining good health should be the primary focus of everyone.

It is the women who bring the men to this world: men are there because of women. It was my mother who brought me out of a health condition that threatened to usurp me completely. If we still treat women with disrespect, it is utterly shameful.

For too long now, cricket has got all the attention and money. Look at how much financial help cricket gets from the sports federations.

If you can't do something today, it will happen tomorrow or day after. If you are physically healthy and keep trying to achieve your goals, you will achieve what you want sooner or later.

As a responsible citizen and a role model to a certain section of people, I need to use every available platform to reach out to the impressionable sections of our country.

I want to encourage more people in small villages to take up sports.

I have given motivational speeches at IIT and other well-known establishments. I want to appeal to the people, and therefore, I talk from the heart.

There is much to life than fame and fortune. If you are a part of the entertainment industry, please remember it is all temporary.

The kind of simple conventional background that I come from doesn't allow me to be with a woman without giving her and the relationship the sanctity that they deserve.

Violence has never resolved any issue.

Homemade desi ghee is something I swear by.

I am planning to start a K. D. Jadhav Memorial International Championship in which I will have wrestling tournaments all over India. I will make a foundation and, through that, encourage youngsters to participate in sports activities. Jadhavji was my idol, and he inspired people like me to rise above our disabilities and achieve success in life.

I am focusing on entertainment because entertainment is the best way to promote sports in India. And wrestling can benefit a lot through entertainment. That's why I am trying my best to juggle between wrestling and entertainment.

I am into professional wrestling. Only Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling can qualify in Olympics. I chose professional wrestling for fame and limelight and good money.