I started buying vinyl records when I got into punk music because, in the punk scene in New Jersey, vinyl was more like a necessity than a luxury.

Jack Antonoff

Jack Antonoff

Profession: Singer
Nationality: American

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You get to a point where everything is so important. One day you have 'Letterman,' and the next day you're at the MTV Movie Awards, and the next day you have a sold-out show for over 15,000 people. You can't cancel anything, because it's just too much to let everyone down, which is an interesting thing about being in a bigger band.

To grow up five miles outside of the greatest city in the world is a bizarre experience.

I've been touring through Texas since I was 15, on my first tour ever.

I'm not trying to write a perfect record. I'm just trying to nail a moment in time.

I love ABC Family!

Human rights, no matter whom they affect, are something that should matter to all of us. It's always been a part of my life.

All I have to do to continue to make things work is make great records, and that's more important than having a crazy master plan.

Bleachers comes from a different place. It's personal. It's just me putting myself out there as myself. It's very intense.

I feel like I missed a whole period of my childhood because I had a bunch of stressful things happen to me when I was like 17, 18, when people usually feel the most free in life, like going to college and like anything is possible.

People identify with other people for different reasons, and I personally am really comfortable around lesbians because, in some ways, we view women the same way.

When I started playing in bands, we had to be apologetic for what we did. We had to be apologetic because the mainstream was so bad.

When I was growing up, it was a lot of punk and hardcore music going on in legion halls and firehouses, and we'd play those shows, and it was very Jersey. It was very suburban, and there's just a great pride there.

For better or for worse, I just have to be on tour for some portion of the year. But it's not easy, you know. It's not easy on the people you love, and I understand when people look at this life and say this isn't sustainable.

If you're lucky enough to find anything in life that gives you five seconds, let alone an hour, of relief from life, you should try to do it forever.