Under no circumstances will I allow the Fianna Fail party back into government. They wrecked the economy twice.

Enda Kenny

Enda Kenny

Profession: Politician
Nationality: Irish

Some suggestions for you :

The Seanad question was one element of a process of change and reform to politics that government has been pursuing.

There will be no hard border from Dundalk to Derry in the context of it being a European border, and by that I mean customs posts every mile along the road.

I have never been on the trail of developers or contractors.

Public confidence in, and support for, the euro - and, indeed, the European Union - will ultimately be determined by how well we deliver on growth and jobs rather than on institutional wrangling and complex legal or technical negotiations.

I don't like to see people on trolleys in hospitals; I don't like to see old people sitting in chairs for hours.

What I do like is action, achievements, and results. Getting things done.

By 2007, an uncompetitive, bloated, over-borrowed and distorted Irish economy had been left at the mercy of subsequent international events without the safeguards, institutions, and mindset needed to survive and prosper as a small open economy inside the euro area.

My wife, Fionnuala, and I have been married for more than 20 years.

I have never had an interest in opinion polls. They are merely an indicator, that's all.

Populist promises to reverse every tough decision are nothing but empty rhetoric, irresponsible leadership, and bad politics. They are not the solution to Ireland's problems.

For me, it is all about people having jobs, and that is why I make no apology for having focused relentlessly on employment and job creation.

I am perfectly clear in my mind and in my conscience in respect of freedom of religious principles and beliefs.

I intend to serve a full term as Taoiseach.

I have no interest in the trappings of power.