My parents had a house on the Jersey shore - I grew up right there, going down there every summer and living there. It is home for me.

Jack Antonoff

Jack Antonoff

Profession: Singer
Nationality: American

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I've worked so hard for so long, and everyone's reaction has made me feel like... almost like they trust me, which is just a wonderful feeling. It pushes me to write things better and better.

It's a really natural thing: The people closest in your life are the people you want the first opinions from. At the end of the day, if you're not trying to impress those people first, then I think there's something wrong there.

When artists get very big, they kind of forget that that's why they got big.

For better or for worse, I just have to be on tour for some portion of the year. But it's not easy, you know. It's not easy on the people you love, and I understand when people look at this life and say this isn't sustainable.

When I was growing up, it was a lot of punk and hardcore music going on in legion halls and firehouses, and we'd play those shows, and it was very Jersey. It was very suburban, and there's just a great pride there.

When I work with other people, I don't have to do that - it's because I love to do it and I want to do it.

I went to high school in New York City. So, I grew up in New Jersey my whole life, and I was watching all the people and all the kids that I met there become so jaded.

I have my cousin's jacket from when he was at war in Iraq. He never came home. It's incredible to have something that is so personal but that I also feel relatively comfortable wearing.

I've been touring through Texas since I was 15, on my first tour ever.

You get to a point where everything is so important. One day you have 'Letterman,' and the next day you're at the MTV Movie Awards, and the next day you have a sold-out show for over 15,000 people. You can't cancel anything, because it's just too much to let everyone down, which is an interesting thing about being in a bigger band.

I'm not super into sports.

I grew up on Raffi. That was my first impression of what a rock star was.

The heart and soul of pop is newness, excitement, innovation.

I just don't think it's good to be around too much creative energy other than your own.