Well, just as in the quality of public schools, there is massive disparity and the compensation given to the public school teachers.

Charles Best

Charles Best

Profession: Entrepreneur
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Teachers know how to improve education, but they are a voice that is consistently overlooked or ignored.

My colleagues and I would spend a lot of our own money on copy paper and pencils, and often we couldn't get the resources that would excite our students about learning.

DonorsChoose enables teachers not just to go public with learning needs in classrooms but also to unleash their imaginations about the best ideas to help students learn.

Our ideological dilemmas won't ever be solved by machines.

I saw first-hand that all schools are not created equal, and the students shouldn't have to go without all of the materials that they need for a great education.

Imagine someone with $10 finding a classroom project that speaks to them personally, seeing where their money is going, and realizing that they don't need to be a millionaire to make a difference.

Our partnership with Dick's Sports Matter program aligns perfectly with our mission to address inequity in schools nationwide.

America's best teachers are always looking for new ways to bring learning to life.

Our brains are designed to solve some of our most complex problems when we're distracted by routine habits.

I'd listened to my colleagues in the teachers' lunchroom. I could tell they were passionate, fired-up people who had great ideas for strategies and projects to help kids learn better. They just didn't have the resources. I was frustrated, but I also knew it was a frustration felt by teachers all over the city.

An art project, a hands-on science experiment, or a special field trip can transcend textbooks and flash cards. No one knows this better than those teaching students with autism.

Donorschoose.org is the one place where somebody with $10 gets the same level of impact and feedback from the recipients that Bill Gates gets when he's making a million-dollar gift.

You have to wade through tons of 'no's' to get one 'yes,' and you can't let it go to your head when you get that yes.

Public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests on DonorsChoose.org. Requests range from pencils for a poetry writing unit to violins for a school recital to microscope slides for a biology class.