My job starts at a quarter to seven in the morning, and you go right through until whatever time is necessary to finish up.

Enda Kenny

Enda Kenny

Profession: Politician
Nationality: Irish

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Respectability in this country was a bad word because people did things who were in respected professions that let down the entire nation, and we're washing away their sins yet.

The lion's share of the damage to the Irish economy was the fault of domestic, economic, and financial mismanagement.

By 2007, an uncompetitive, bloated, over-borrowed and distorted Irish economy had been left at the mercy of subsequent international events without the safeguards, institutions, and mindset needed to survive and prosper as a small open economy inside the euro area.

People understand that you have to do difficult things to sort out our own public finances.

Our revenue commissions are very happy and very clear that they showed no sweetheart deals and no preference for any company and never do and never have and never will.

If people want to follow an illusion that you don't have to pay your way, you don't have to measure up, then there are serious consequences for any country.

My genuine belief is that if we can get through the eurozone crisis from a political point of view, we've got a lot of engines that can drive our economy, that will restore confidence and get us moving on.

Our priority will be to look after the interests of our own country and its citizens.

To me, the real opinion polls are the tangible facts: the growing creation of jobs, the number of planning permissions, the number of commercial vans being sold - the signs that the Irish people are regaining confidence.

I've often said it: that it is seen to be a place of energy, of excitement, of enthusiasm. That there's something about Ireland.

Clericalism has rendered some of Ireland's brightest, most privileged and powerful men either unwilling or unable to address the horrors cited in the Ryan and Murphy Reports.

The Seanad question was one element of a process of change and reform to politics that government has been pursuing.

I have never had an interest in opinion polls. They are merely an indicator, that's all.

Under no circumstances will I allow the Fianna Fail party back into government. They wrecked the economy twice.