I just go out and play my game. Just making sure I keep doing those little things, like playing with toughness, that's just me.

Draymond Green

Draymond Green

Profession: Athlete
Nationality: American

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My uncle, my dad always made sure I had guard skills. But as far as defending everybody, that wasn't really my mindset until my rookie year.

I love playing basketball. And to be able to continue to play as a job, that's the best to me.

I've never been a guy who has said 'OK' about stuff. That's not me. That's not my personality. If I think something's wrong, I express that.

My whole life, I've guarded guys bigger than me.

I'm blessed, and... all the time, I sit and think, 'Wow.'

I wouldn't necessarily say I'm arrogant. I'm just confident.

My mom. Growing up with her, she always taught us to say whatever. Like, 'You think something, say it. Don't bite your tongue for people.' I think there's a fine line with that, but at the same time, I'm a firm believer in speaking your mind.

No one is going to tell me I'm too small to do whatever, to do anything. That's not up to them, and I'll never give anyone that power to say that.

Are you going to back down to somebody? If not, you're giving yourself a chance.

There are certain guys in the league that get their rhythm off their dribble.

I'm human, and I make mistakes.

I tell guys all the time, you see me messing up, get at me. I want you to get at me.

Bogut - I wouldn't be the defender I am without Bogut. He taught me a ton. Angles. How to guard the post. You name it, he taught me a ton.

Just because it's a break doesn't mean it has to be fast all the time. It can be a secondary break, but you've got to allow the defense to break down.