I have made things for Calvin Klein and other designers, and it's interesting to see the way each person approaches it.

James Turrell

James Turrell

Profession: Artist
Nationality: American

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You can't stop demographics. And show me a fence that ever worked. It didn't work at Hadrian's Wall. The Great Wall of China didn't work. The Berlin Wall.

We have spent billions to go to the moon - we go to this lesser satellite called the moon and say we are in space, but we are in space right now; we just don't feel ourselves to be in space. Some forms of art and some forms of spirituality do give us that sense.

Planets' orbits are elliptical. It's a very pleasing shape.

In Arizona, we're at 7,000 feet, so we're above half of the world's atmosphere. It's crisp but hard, a side-raking light that can be revealing but doesn't have the softness that maritime air has.

If you just add all the time, add more and more light, it loses its meaning.

I have high expectations of my audience, and in general, I would say they've met that.

The sky always seems to be out there, away from us. I like to bring it down in close contact with us, so you feel you are in it. We feel we are at the bottom of this ocean of air; we are actually on a planet.

The cardones cactus is very similar to saguaro cactus in Arizona. These cacti only grow in very specific, particular places.

Color is just in a small area of our vision, and the rest we add with the mind.

I come from L.A. where there's a sense of show. But that's not a bad word in my mind. We say art 'show,' don't we? 'Show' implies entertainment.

I wanted to deal with light directly rather than with paint.

I like to use light as a material, but my medium is actually perception. I want you to sense yourself sensing - to see yourself seeing.

I want to create an atmosphere that can be consciously plumbed with seeing... like the wordless thought that comes from looking in a fire.

I sell blue sky and coloured air.