I do not subscribe to the 'Trump is crazy like a fox' thing. I think that's being too generous.

Valerie Plame

Valerie Plame

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The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, which in 1996 set out to ban nuclear tests, is an important step, but we need to do more - and we can.

When an issue is so fraught with partisanship, a special counsel provides some modicum of transparency and accountability rather the the veil of politics.

We in no way are naive to think that just because Russia and the United States agree to reduce their arsenals, that everyone else will fall in line.

From a counter-intelligence viewpoint, the OPM breach is really scary - but if we continue to see the erosion of purely commercial enterprises, where people lose confidence, the economy falters.

I know having a Jason Bourne all alone in a field firing at bad guys is much more dramatic, but it's not real.

North Korea is the errant teenage child, aren't they? Or toddler - they're holding their breath until they get their way.

The intelligence community really is a vast bureaucratic entity, and it has been politicized in ways that are not effective for the gathering of intelligence and giving it to senior policymakers.

We need the best and the brightest to go into public service.

I come from a family in which public service was something to aspire to.

Hair and make-up always helps. I did always try to be well-groomed, professional at all times. Take your job seriously - but not yourself.

There is not adequate whistleblower protection.

I'm not terribly confrontational, but I've gotten better at holding my ground.

When I was outed on July 14th, 2003, I was, until that moment, covert. That means no one outside of a very small circle knew where I really worked.

The fundamental problem is not that Trump has access to the nuclear launch codes, but that they exist at all.