Don't think twice. If it's a character that you feel compelled to play and story that you feel needs to be told, don't think twice.

Jenny Slate

Jenny Slate

Profession: Actress
Nationality: American

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I loved pretending to be a middle-aged Jewish woman. I just wanted to do what I saw Gilda Radner and Carol Burnett doing. But I'm not a particularly good impressionist. It was never my strong suit.

I really like working. I can't think of a job I didn't like. I was in an Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, which is not my idea of folk art; but I really enjoyed making it, and everyone was really nice.

I think it's important to not just speak to like-minded people.

You're always putting yourself into your work. There's no separation; it's just how you use yourself and transform.

That was something that I learned: It's actually okay if the way that I do my best is when I'm treated well.

I fidget and change my outfit a lot. It's really a way of keeping myself comfortable.

I tend to be a bit of a workaholic, but I also can't function without some sort of domesticity as well.

My grandfather was a lot like a white Jewish George Jefferson, and he did not enjoy my work very much.

It takes a while to realize that just because you're a stand-up comedian and you do comedy, you're not going to be good at all comedy.

I think my friends would say I'm pretty goal-focused but whimsical.

It's strange: I've done so many things up until I did 'Obvious Child,' including writing children's books and making 'Marcel the Shell.' To me, the through-line is incredibly clear: it all comes from wanting to be connected to my own inner voice and not wanting to be on somebody else's agenda if that means that I can't be myself.

I don't have any horror stories of trying to start as a comedian and eating it constantly on stage.

Comedy can be a little brutal, but not in a satisfying way.

I do think that character types trend. As a female comedian, the parts that come my way are often terrible women.