It is due to wrestling that people now know and recognise me.

Sangram Singh

Sangram Singh

Profession: Wrestler
Nationality: Indian

Some suggestions for you :

It's good to be progressive, but don't shun the good things about tradition.

I have given motivational speeches at IIT and other well-known establishments. I want to appeal to the people, and therefore, I talk from the heart.

I think each one of us should try and do small things on Diwali so that those who are not as privileged as we are can also have a good festival.

I come from an almost unknown village near Rohtak called Madina, and that is where I started my wrestling career.

This change for creating a better world will not come from the government or an outside agency; it will have to be internal. We blame the politicians for everything, but if I give equal respect and rights to the women of my family, I have taken the first step forward.

I wanted to win an Olympic medal for my country but because of circumstances, I had to become a professional wrestler. I will have fulfilled my dream if I can support even one kid who wins a medal for the country.

Whatever I am today is all because of the love and support I have received from the people of Haryana.

There was a time when I was not able to speak properly because of my medical condition. But I managed to fight against all those odds.

The only specialized diet that I follow is home-cooked food.

Three days a week I do wrestling, as that's the best workout for the whole body.

My mother told me you marry whoever you want to, as long as you are happy. My parents are very accommodating, and I know they will always support me.

By God's grace, I'm not hungry for publicity, God has given me enough to fend for myself.

We should stand up for those who can't protect themselves. Support kids and families who can't support themselves.

As a responsible citizen and a role model to a certain section of people, I need to use every available platform to reach out to the impressionable sections of our country.