It was here in L.A., before 'I Kissed a Girl' and all that. She stopped me and told me she was a huge fan and that she was a singer and that one day she hoped that I would dress her. I ended up dressing her for her record release.

Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott

Profession: Fashion Designer
Nationality: American

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I fell in love with L.A. To me, it is the most quintessentially American city.

With the clothes I design, I think about my friends, how I'd want them to dress, what I'd want them to wear.

I've met people with my prints tattooed on them, my face tattooed on them - I have that commitment and love.

I always grew up watching things transform, and a lot of that was what we would call trash.

A lot of my collections are informed by nostalgia. I think that's because I loved clothes early on. I remember, at maybe age five, being concerned about what I wore, right down to the underwear.

I started at Moschino Oct. 31 or Nov. 1, 2013, and now I go back and forth between Milan and Los Angeles, where I live.

I feel very blessed to have the support I have and to have the fans that I have. I'm still striving to make it every day.

I know that my image and my clothing and my output are very colorful and can be arresting and startling in some respects. That is the nature of my work, but I am a simple farm boy, and I am very calm by nature.

I get love from fans in a big enough dosage that it acts as a shield, and I would not sacrifice that love in order to please the industry.

I don't think the distinction between high and low culture exists anymore.

I think because of the eccentricity of my work and how I dress, people expect me to be bouncing off the walls. But that's just not how I am.

I have a nostalgia for the years I was growing up and experiencing new things for the first time - so the late '80s and early '90s are always fascinating to me. Those were the times that I was being informed about a lot of my tastes, and so the memories are fused with a lot of emotion.

I don't make clothes for the critics.

When Jackie Kennedy wanted to wear her favourite European designers, she was told no. She had to start working with brands like Adolfo, who had to create Chanel knock-offs because that's what she wanted to wear.