The natural result of people preferring one of their own race is that a minority race president will find it hard to get elected, and so it's something we should do something about and which we can do something about.

Lee Hsien Loong

Lee Hsien Loong

Profession: Politician
Nationality: Singaporean

Some suggestions for you :

No country can be an island unto itself or world unto itself. Not even the biggest country.

The Chinese go around with lollipops in their pockets. They have aid. They have friendship deals. They build you a Prime Minister's office or President's office or Parliament House or Foreign Ministry. For them, trade is an extension of their foreign policy.

China has been developing, growing in economic strength and its influence in the region. That will continue.

If you make a defamatory allegation that the Prime Minister is guilty of criminal misappropriation of pension funds of Singaporeans, that's a very serious matter.

You have to have a sense of what it looks like, not from the point of view of the policymaker but from the point of view of those who are at the receiving end of your policies.

I don't have farmers I can convert into factory workers.

With Singaporeans, you speak English, you're well-educated, the doors open everywhere.

Nowadays, however strong an economy is, not all roads will lead only there. There will be other links between countries in Asia, with America, with Europe, and China will fit into this global network.

America excels not just through sheer individual talent but by working together with others.

If you interview world leaders, everybody will say they are for free trade. But what they mean by it and what they do when they say they are pro free trade, you have to watch and see.

The Chinese are quite clear what their interests are and very consistent on pushing their interests.

There can only be one government, and the president has certain roles and duties, which are to hold the second key on money and on people but not to go and check the government or tell the government what it is supposed to do.

Basically, if you become president, you must swear to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and what the Constitution says.

If we have no foreign workers, our economy suffers; our own lives suffer.