I started dancing because of Janet Jackson.

Tom Holland

Tom Holland

Profession: Actor
Nationality: British

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Peter Parker is probably the most relatable superhero, maybe ever, because he goes through something that basically everyone has to go through. Whether it's puberty or talking to girls or doing homework, he does it in such a human way.

Adrenaline has always been my thing.

A lot about this industry is about who you know. If you set a really good example for yourself, and someone likes that, then they might recommend you to someone else. It doesn't matter what job you're in, any profession, it's always the same.

I was terrified watching 'Civil War' for the first time.

It's very easy to relate to a kid who is having trouble in high school... less so to relate to a billionaire whose Lamborghini broke down.

I went to an all-boys school, where I played rugby, so ballet wasn't the coolest thing to do.

I often find that superheroes are the bachelors or the billionaires - and everyone loves them. Peter Parker is basically the complete opposite. I just think that's what a lot of kids feel like as they're growing up.

I think directing is something I would really enjoy.

It's definitely a good way to stay in touch with your fans. The main reason I really use Instagram is because I want to hear their thoughts and what would they like to happen and see if I can make that happen. Which is a really nice way of being in touch with them all around the world.

My mom thought I could dance because I used to dance to this Janet Jackson song she'd play when I was a baby. Then she would take me to a Saturday dance school. I used to go every week and got spotted by a scout, who suggested I audition for the role of Billy in 'Billy Elliot the Musical.'

I've got a huge family back in Ireland, and I've made loads of movies in Ireland.

I get recognized more for my 'Lip Sync Battle' than I do for being Spider-Man.

When I'm acting, it's like I am the character - no one can talk to me. But I'm not so method I'd sell my house and live on the street to play a tramp.

I reckon I had 30 Spider-Man costumes over the years since I was a little baby. I had Spider-Man bed sheets.