I don't wear a lot of high heels.



Profession: Singer
Nationality: American

Some suggestions for you :

A friend of mine has a big farm in the desert, and she picks up feathers and roadkill for me, then makes it into clothes. I think it's cool to wear roadkill. If I died and somebody wanted to wear my teeth around their neck to VMAs, I'd feel honored.

I've done the country, done the pop-rock, done the super-hard electro.

I am so not a proper, good female. I can't dance in high heels and I'm just so not girly, but then I see these men with these banging bodies, dancing in heels, singing, and having so much fun with so much make-up on. That makes me honestly want to be a better woman.

I love country music, blues, and punk, and one day I might make those kinds of records.

Sometimes it is hard to sing and dance at the same time, but I would rather be off and be real and genuine about it to my fans.

You never know what an artist is going to create next.

I do love country music.

I was very studious.

There is no correlation between happiness and amounts of money.

I think people need to have fun with whatever they're doing - makeup, their clothes, music, live shows - anything you don't need to take too seriously, don't take too seriously.

I write about what I'm going through.

I have rock 'n' roll pumping through my veins.

I'm writing constantly about all my crazy experiences across the world, so I have a lot of music I've already written.

Eventually, I would love to be on my deathbed and looked at as an icon. Right now I'm still at the baby stages of my career. But that is the goal.