It is a great boost for confidence in a squad when there is not just one or two players scoring goals, but the whole team is contributing.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane

Profession: Athlete
Nationality: British

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I owe a lot to my family; we're a strong unit.

I am quite a calm player. I do have a go at players and refs in the heat of the moment, but I never throw my toys out of the pram.

I want to be a player that does everything he can to reach his ability, and I'll do that.

It's harder to be angry at home when we lose. When it was just me and the missus, she didn't mind. She'd take the wrath of the loss! But it's harder when there's a little baby now.

Obviously, I am hoping to go on and win many trophies for Spurs and for England. That's always been the aim since I was a kid, dreaming of lifting the trophy one day for them, so that's what I've got to do.

In football, you have to grow up quickly, and you're generally more mature than other people your age.

I was a fan myself, and I know what it's like. If someone comes out of the blocks and scores 31 goals in one season, then you think, 'OK, was that a one-off, or will he do it again?'

It is about doing everything you can so your body can perform at the highest level.

'Harry Brown' is good - and I love 'The Italian Job.'

I don't want to do all weights. I want to get strong using my core and my natural power.

I'd love to be captain of Tottenham and hopefully England as well.

It's the worst feeling in the world - losing, and losing in a final on the big stage is even worse.

I want to keep working hard and looking to progress.

I'm a very patriotic England fan, actually. I always wore my heart on my sleeve.