The largest untapped constituency in American politics are the 300 million American citizens who have been completely left out of the immigration debate.

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

Profession: Politician
Nationality: American

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I have never used the word 'boy' to describe a black, nor would I tolerate it in my office.

I do think it's a real problem when we have 'Black Lives Matter' making statements that are really radical, that are absolutely false.

The elites have become international, and they've ceased to have a primary loyalty to the nation-state.

Hybart is a little community I grew up in, so it was just a wonderful time in those years.

I like to discuss things. I am open: I like to discuss with liberals better than I do with conservatives.

I recall saying that civil rights organizations, when they demand more than is legitimate, it hurts their position.

How many thousands of lives would be saved if we enforced our immigration laws, our guns laws, and our drug laws? Public safety is not being held hostage by the 'gun lobby,' but by the open borders lobby and the anti-law enforcement lobby.

You do not walk into any hearing or committee meeting and reveal confidential communications with the president of the United States, who's entitled to receive confidential communications in your best judgment about a host of issues.

The Senate cannot confirm an individual... who would support a scheme that violates our Constitution, eviscerates congressional authority.

Trump has a way of driving a message so people hear it.

I was the youngest of about nine boys in the neighborhood, and we played ball all the time, and I looked up to them, and they let me play around with them, and we just had a good time.

The caricature of me in 1986 was not correct. I do not harbor the kind of animosity and race-based discrimination ideas that I was accused of. I did not.

I'm a big fan of the DEA.

Every senator needs to stand up and represent their constituents - not big business, not the ACLU, not activist groups, not political interests, but the American interests, the workers' interests.