You cannot strengthen the law by violating the law.

Sergei Lavrov

Sergei Lavrov

Profession: Politician
Nationality: Russian

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We believe Russian-American relations are broader and larger than emotions and mutual grudges, including the situation with the U.S. fugitive Edward Snowden.

I very much hope that the United States will finally... realise that they can no longer act as the prosecutor, the judge, and the executioner in every part of the world and that they need to cooperate to resolve issues.

We believe that this is not right for a democracy to make revolutions the beacon of promoting democracy.

Russia has been entirely proportionate in its military response to Georgia's attack on Russian citizens and peacekeepers.

Iran will be the most checked and inspected country if the principles agreed in Lausanne are transferred into the language of practical agreements.

If it acts like a terrorist, if it walks like a terrorist, if it fights like a terrorist, it's a terrorist, right?

In the spirit of commitment to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, we will strive to achieve real progress in disarmament and arms control.

We have been getting out of the situation where we found ourselves in the early '90s, when the Soviet Union disappeared and the Russian Federation became what it is - you know, with no borders, with no budget, no money, and with huge problems starting with lack of food and so on and so forth.

It is absolutely unacceptable to talk to Russia - or anyone for that matter - in the language of ultimatums and coercive measures.

Russia and the U.S. bear a special responsibility in world affairs. We have much to offer the rest of the world. Our common history testifies to this, and modern challenges demand that we work together.

I don't believe in ideology in international relations.

There is nothing in this world which could be not described as requiring more.

I started, you know, to work as a diplomat during the Soviet days, and in spite of ideology being very high on the Communist Party agenda, I can assure you that in practical terms, we have always been trying to be pragmatic.

Russia would not support anything which would be actually imposed on Syrians.