I make very basic country rustic furniture.

Thomas Middleditch

Thomas Middleditch

Profession: Actor
Nationality: Canadian

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Sometimes you just need words on a page to memorize.

After going to theater school, and then subsequently dropping out, I would say that when I first went to Chicago and learned long-form improv, that was a far better acting workshop than any acting school I've been to.

I like my flight sims because I can set up a very robust joystick setup and my head tracking software.

Ricky Gervais, met him a couple times. He wouldn't remember it.

I watched Season 1 through 9 of 'Seinfeld' bloopers one day, just having a ball. It's fun to see people having fun.

I was voted valedictorian, and at my school it wasn't based on grades; that was the popular vote.

You get a lot of apps and companies that are trying to sell you on something that's totally useless or potentially unhealthy. Only occasionally does something really worthwhile really come out.

I was a little bit of a tech lord. Not a lord. More of a duke or a nobleman. I was into that stuff as a kid. Nothing too crazy.

I wasn't necessarily always funny, I don't know if I necessarily am - some would argue not - but I was definitely, always been a strange one. Definitely always an odd duck.

'Baskets' is incredible - 'Baskets' is so funny and poignant and sad and dark.

Speaking as someone who's played a lot of video games, and at the end of the video game all you have is a memory, after woodworking you get this piece of furniture.

Even if things are going well, I'm always thinking that I'm about to be hit with the dreaded gut punch and - psych! - I'll find out that it's all falling apart.

It's not as if I've never been awkward myself. I'm a big gamer, so I've had access to that type of personality. I used to go to these LAN parties; that was before high-speed Internet. The only way you could get lag-free gaming was to haul these huge computers to people's houses.

All the sharky elements of Hollywood are similar to sharky elements in Silicon Valley. It's obviously different, but the deals are the same. And you get hot, then you're not.