I respect everybody.

Claudio Ranieri

Claudio Ranieri

Profession: Football Manager
Nationality: Italian

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It's one thing trying it in training and another entirely on the pitch.

I'm not friends with my players, but I am very close to my players. When I speak to them, I want to speak to the man, always the man.

Thinking of the dismissal by Leicester, the first thing that comes to mind is a sense of surprise even more than of bitterness.

I'll admit I was curious about coaching a national team, but my experience with Greece was sufficient.

It's not important how many mistakes you make; it's about how many chances you create and how many goals you score. That is my philosophy.

Every country is different, every league is different - all the culture.

If I continue to work as a coach, it is because my passion and love for football, for the players, is still there.

If I am angry, I am angry. If I am angry, then I have to be calm, and to be calm, I have to tell you to your face what I think about you. If we don't agree, then okay, 'Bye!' It's no problem.

I have to thank Leicester City Football Club. The adventure was amazing and will live with me forever.

Inside me there are two people. One is a very aggressive - I want to win; I won the Premier League, but now I want to win on Saturday. I want to win next season - and is never satisfied.

It's not possible to win all matches.

For me, it is important to stay close to my players.

What football means to an Italian coach is tactics, trying to control the game by following the ideas and systems of the manager.

When we won the title, I received gifts and cards, bottles of wine, and Champagne. When I was sacked, my house was full.