I find a lot of writing happens when you're not actually at the computer. So I carry a notebook.

Noah Baumbach

Noah Baumbach

Profession: Film Director
Nationality: American

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Woody Allen's movies are so much a part of me. I grew up watching them over and over and would read all his comic pieces for the New Yorker. In some ways, his influence is so much there that I can't even locate it any more.

It's near impossible to make a movie in black and white in the system.

That's the nice thing about collaborating with someone: Your work becomes a conversation.

I like shooting in New York because I have such a connection to the city. I have so many memories there.

A lot of black-and-white films generally have a color version that will be used for TV.

I've had great experiences or joyful experiences making a movie that people found very disturbing.

I think anxiety is dangerous, but it makes you think it's your friend.

I've always liked working with friends or, you know, people I have outside relationships with.

Truffaut loved Hitchcock.

There's something really vulnerable about playing something that you like for someone. You don't know what their reaction will be.

I've run into more people walking in L.A. than if I drove. Because you stand out so much if you walk. People from my past have stopped their cars and said, 'Hey!' But if I was in a car, they never would've seen me.

When I start a movie, there will be certain films that I watch again just because the vibe seems right.

Being articulate, my parents could make anything sound reasonable.

When you're around your family, and you have that history and that shared language, you say things you'd be embarrassed to hear quoted back to you later.