You fight technology with technology, so you have to stay one step ahead of the criminal. It's very much a chess game - they make a move, you have to make a move.

Frank Abagnale

Frank Abagnale

Profession: Author
Nationality: American

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I was always accepted at par value. I wore the uniform of a Pan Am pilot; therefore, I must be a Pan Am pilot.

I was an opportunist and got away with things because I was very young, but I went to prison and came out and remade my life.

I didn't like taking money from individuals.

In all the years I've taught at the FBI Academy, I've only seen crime get easier, faster, and harder to detect.

You have to be smarter and a wiser businessperson and consumer. You have to learn to protect yourself through education.

Every breach you look at occurred because somebody inside did something they weren't supposed to do. Sometimes there's an accomplice, but most of the time, it's innocent.

I make my home in Tulsa.

Christopher Walken and Nathalie Baye played my parents so well that I really thought I was in my living room at Christmas. My mother couldn't have been played more correctly.

Unlike most divorces, where the children were usually the first to know, my parents were very good about keeping that a secret.

A lot of people say I was brilliant. I wasn't. I was an opportunist: a young entrepreneur who saw things and took advantage.

Why do the Yankees always win? The other team can't stop looking at the pinstripes.

It is amazing the information we give away. We make it easier and easier for criminals.

I'm glad I'm a draw. People know that, not only am I the guy that did it, I spent 40 years on the other side.

I would have thought technology would have made it harder to do what I did.