Jerry Coleman was the kind of player who made me proud to wear the pinstripes.

Joe Torre

Joe Torre

Profession: Athlete
Nationality: American

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If I intimidate people, that's not my intention.

Respect is the word I want. You have to earn it. You give, and you get it in return, that's how I see it.

With negotiations, you never know what's going to happen.

I believe anybody who is not afraid to fail is a winner.

Baseball is a team sport played by individuals for themselves.

My father wasn't the best role model to me.

When I was 16 years old, my brother Frank said, 'You'd better become a catcher, because you're too big and fat to do anything else.' Well, I took his advice. It was a quick way to get to the big leagues, and I've never regretted it.

Scott Boras, I've known for a long time. We were both in the Cardinals organization. I'm a lot older than Scott. He's a very tough man, very tough agent.

You know, Mike Milken, the money that he has raised for cancer research has been remarkable.

When you're in a slump, you do something different, just to try it. I remember one time I was in a slump, and I borrowed one of Henry Aaron's bats and hit two homers. I used my own bats the next night. I just needed a change.

That's the sign of a good relationship, when you can pick up a phone and it doesn't matter when the last time you spoke was.

It's something you hope doesn't happen. When you sign on to do a job, you hope you'll be able to get it done. But that's not always in your control.

There's only one New York.

I played for 18 years, but the only thing that meant anything to me was the World Series.