A really large number of teachers contact us offline testifying how valuable iPads are for their students.

Charles Best

Charles Best

Profession: Entrepreneur
Nationality: American

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Teachers are heroes.

You have to wade through tons of 'no's' to get one 'yes,' and you can't let it go to your head when you get that yes.

It just felt wrong that the kids I was teaching didn't have the same access to materials that I did when I was a student.

We aren't prescribing anything. We're not claiming to be the experts. We aren't advocating for or against any program. We are going to create a platform that says very explicitly what it is that teachers experience in their classrooms.

Our mission is to help students in need and to democratize philanthropy.

Our only political stance is this: listen to these teachers.

I saw first-hand that all schools are not created equal, and the students shouldn't have to go without all of the materials that they need for a great education.

Donorschoose.org is the one place where somebody with $10 gets the same level of impact and feedback from the recipients that Bill Gates gets when he's making a million-dollar gift.

Ideally, DonorsChoose.org wouldn't be necessary for basic supplies, but I hope we'll always be a platform for teachers to request resources that would bring the learning experience of their students to the next level.

Access to sports is an important part of a well-rounded education, and it takes committed communities and companies like Dick's to make a real difference in kids' lives.

I do not live off canned soup.

Learning is a critical part of our mission and organizational culture.

One thing that gets missed a lot is that DonorsChoose is merely a place where teachers post wish lists. That doesn't do justice to the level of innovation that we see taking place on our site.

Whether you're raising money for a cause, a personal need, or a project, most crowdfunding sites center on you hitting up people you already know. These sites make it easier to tap your social network for funds, but only the most compelling cases inspire support from strangers.