'Obvious Child,' the short, had a nice life online and a great festival run, but the short and the feature still stand apart from everything else I've done. I play a woman who you might meet in life. My other work is much more heightened.

Jenny Slate

Jenny Slate

Profession: Actress
Nationality: American

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I tend to be a bit of a workaholic, but I also can't function without some sort of domesticity as well.

Back at high school, there was this quarterback who asks me out. He's never paid attention to me before, but now we're on this date, going to see the 'Sixth Sense.' And right before the climax, he leans in - and I'm so excited, because I think we're going to French-kiss - and then he tells me the twist. He completely ruins the movie for me.

I never noticed my voice. I did become aware as a little kid at camp that I liked doing accents. We'd do plays and skits, and I realized I loved speaking in voices that weren't my own.

I don't have any horror stories of trying to start as a comedian and eating it constantly on stage.

We love rom-coms, but it's getting to where we don't identify with any of the women in them.

I wanted to be in New York because I wanted to be on 'SNL.' I spent a lot of time wanting to be on 'Saturday Night Live' as a kid. That's what I wanted.

I waited my whole life to be a woman, so now my clothes are fairly tight.

That was something that I learned: It's actually okay if the way that I do my best is when I'm treated well.

I think that there have been a lot of fear-based assertions that feminism is about aggression, and that is incorrect and untrue. Feminism is about equality; that's what it's about.

I always loved to sing and was very, very loud. I wanted to be a movie star, like Judy Garland.

I think it's important to not just speak to like-minded people.

I hope that the restaurant I go to will have buffalo chicken fingers. I hope that one day I can work with Matt Damon. I have big and little dreams, and they're all equally important to me. A life without buffalo chicken fingers, I don't know if I would want that life. Even if it meant I got to work with Matt Damon. Everything has its worth.

I think, in general, finding the right time to have a baby is pretty scary.

I tend to watch things that aren't really the genre of my own work.