If you ask who I aspire to, well, if a single line of mine was as funny as P. G. Wodehouse can be, that would be great.

Nick Harkaway

Nick Harkaway

Profession: Novelist
Nationality: British

Some suggestions for you :

I'm an irredeemable urbanite. I can't imagine living more than a five-minute walk from my fellow human beings. Other people are vital to my peace of mind.

'Tigerman' was born in the front seat of a Hilux SUV on the road north out of Chiang Mai.

I never engage negatively with reviewers. If someone says something that enrages me, I do what I do on stage. I make a joke about myself and move on. Sometimes people say things that are manifestly wrong or even apparently malicious. That's fine, too. It's a response.

I am an avid reader of comics, though I came to them late.

I don't do a lot of research, exactly, but I'm constantly wandering through the world finding things incredible and remembering them.

I think the reason I wrote screenplays for nearly a decade was because it was my territory. I could stake that out.

An enormous amount of a writer's life is performance. I find myself wondering, at the moment, whether I do too much of it.

I'm fascinated by human agency - by the process of decision, both in the individual and the mass.

Victorian theorists competed to identify how many biologically differentiated races lived on Earth and proposed inherent characteristics for them, formulated explanations for these presumed variations in humanity.

At the heart of both democracy and capitalism is a simple assumption that, across the board, people make free and relatively rational decisions: that we are, to borrow a medical term, Gillick Competent.

My scientific qualifications are relatively scant. I like science. I try really hard to educate myself about it, but in the end, if something has to go 'boom,' and it would probably only go 'fwoosh,' I am relatively unconcerned about that, which is a sin, but not, I think, a grave one.

All my characters are me, in one way or another.

Yes, you are under surveillance. Yes, it is odious. Yes, it should bother you. And yes, it's hard to know how to avoid it.

Happiness is boundlessly weird. Other people's choices often seem to delight them, where I would run screaming.