All New Orleans music is based off dance music, even jazz.

Trombone Shorty

Trombone Shorty

Profession: Musician
Nationality: American

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I have to continue to grow and take it to another level so the next generation has something to follow.

When we're ready to do the dress rehearsal, we'll rehearse in the dark. No lights. The reason why I do that is because I don't want the band to rely on me for anything. 'Cause anything can happen - I might stop singing or unplug the mic, just so everybody knows: Keep going, no matter what.

To be able to do what you truly love for a living is a gift.

I grew up right in the heart of Treme, so it was a real music neighborhood, and there was a bunch of bands like the Dirty Dozen Brass Band around.

New Orleans is like a big musical gumbo. The sound I have is from being in the city my whole life.

Music should be pushed forward.

In New Orleans, we celebrate everything. It's probably the only place you'll see people dancing in a funeral home.

There's pride on Bourbon Street for the musicians that work there. They take it very seriously. I've never worked there or played in band there, but it's a part of the city. They play for the tourists and represent a whole different side of the culture of our city.

Everywhere I go around the world, we have fans of New Orleans. Sometimes we go places, and people don't really know who we are, but they know New Orleans, and once we say we are from New Orleans, we have a lot of supporters.

If people aren't dancing, we're not doing our job.

I grew up listening to the Neville Brothers and the Rebirth Brass Band.

We come from New Orleans, so everything is emotional - for, once the music takes over, and we start blowing, we go into a different zone that takes over our whole body.

As a kid, I would wake up, and there'd be a jazz funeral while I'm walking to school. And when I come home, you can find Rebirth band playing for a birthday party the same day.

New Orleans made me who I am.