In a very real sense, I represent pop culture in an iconic way. It's been very good to me, so anything I can do to help the fans to tumble along - it's good.

Adam West

Adam West

Profession: Actor
Nationality: American

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To be an icon... I guess that's a privilege.

Crummy pictures, live appearances, circuses, avant garde theater, dinner theater. I've done it all. I've been shot out of cannons. I know what the people want. I'm out there with the people.

One of the most gratifying, rewarding things is when people come up, and they tell you how the show influenced their lives in a very positive way. When I do these things like Comic Con, I get people who are lawyers, judges, plumbers, carpenters, and entire families, and it's mostly for 'Batman.' But now, amazingly, it's also for 'Family Guy.'

When you wear a mask and create a character, nothing will pigeonhole you faster.

I have the curse of thinking funny!

I am a private person. I don't need a lot of company. And I find it really, really difficult to talk about myself.

You've got a guy in a cape and tights running around fighting crime 24-7; this is not normal. But it worked because the kids loved it and the adults laughed with it.

When I got the part, I tried to remember Batman as I knew him when I was a kid - with emotional recall.

I've always been able to work. I think it's an actor's obligation to keep working if you can.

I love to go home and do the chores and read.

I was a maverick. I went to five different colleges looking for I don't know quite what.

Burgess Meredith taught me a lot about wine.

How many actors have a shot at being a part of something that became a part of pop culture? It's been very rewarding. I'm not getting the 20 million bucks for the new movies, but at least I'm getting warmth and recognition from people wherever I go.

I've been almost everywhere. But I've never been to the steppes of Latvia. It's something I've always wanted to do.