I know that when I talk to my parents and my friends, there's a strong feeling of the world out of control and damaged.

Nick Harkaway

Nick Harkaway

Profession: Novelist
Nationality: British

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I do public appearances. I'm bluff, hearty, goofy. I wear loud clothes, and I read the funny bits. I occasionally get taken to task for one thing or another, and I acknowledge my fault, my flaw, my failure, and I move on.

'Tigerman' was born in the front seat of a Hilux SUV on the road north out of Chiang Mai.

I wanted a pseudonym partly because I'm quite shy and private. I know that sounds ludicrous, but if I should be lucky enough to make a hit, I wanted to be able to shrug off the mantel of Nick Harkaway when I got home.

The great thing is to have been surrounded by stories all my life.

My scientific qualifications are relatively scant. I like science. I try really hard to educate myself about it, but in the end, if something has to go 'boom,' and it would probably only go 'fwoosh,' I am relatively unconcerned about that, which is a sin, but not, I think, a grave one.

We need to differentiate between commercial piracy - where criminal organisations produce illicit DVDs on a huge scale - and domestic, unauthorised filesharing, which may or may not be detrimental to overall sales.

To my irritation, you still can't flick through an ebook properly; you can't riffle the pages, you can't look at more than one page at once.

Google's library plan was staggering and exciting - it wasn't the idea I objected to, but the method.

Names aren't just coathooks, they're coats. They're the first thing anyone knows about you.

Margaret Thatcher inherited a country in transition. The British Empire was still a considerable entity well into the 20th century.

Knowledge is not just power - it is control.

The notion of our leaders as patrician ascetics of unassailable virtue is risible.

My books are written from the heart, to entertain: they're books I would like to read. Because of that, when I meet people who like them, we have so much to talk about!

I wrote the first draft of 'Tigerman' while my wife was pregnant - needless to say, I was relaxed and casual about her well-being during this tender time - and the novel clearly has its center in that panicked parental desperation that accompanies a first child and in the admittedly comedic extremes to which it drives us.