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Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott

Profession: Fashion Designer
Nationality: American

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I'm not anti-intellectual, but primarily, I try to feel things. Emotions aren't always rational; it's not possible to put them into words.

Designers have a reputation for setting the tone for what people - and especially women - are supposed to wear. How long their skirts should be, things like that. I have a different philosophy: put something out there with humour; let people see that and come around to it on their own.

Sometimes when I'm just really relaxed, that's also a creative time for me, because that's when my mind is more open because I'm not worried or thinking or being very analytical.

One thing I have that the majority of other designers don't is humor. That's distinctly my approach, and it was distinctly Franco Moschino's, too.

It was here in L.A., before 'I Kissed a Girl' and all that. She stopped me and told me she was a huge fan and that she was a singer and that one day she hoped that I would dress her. I ended up dressing her for her record release.

There are so many serious things in the world; I just choose not to be one of them.

The McDonald's icon of the colours and the golden arch, for me, resonates as one of the most iconic images ever.

There's a lot of fashion that I don't respond to and I just walk on. I always look for things that make me happy, and in my work, all I'm doing is trying to convey that joy. Fashion should always be fun.

I think when people think of something as basic, they think that it's boring.

We have to fight for everything we believe in.

Even as exuberant as my style is and as over the top as I may be, I can appreciate a classic when it's really well done.

I have a nostalgia for the years I was growing up and experiencing new things for the first time - so the late '80s and early '90s are always fascinating to me. Those were the times that I was being informed about a lot of my tastes, and so the memories are fused with a lot of emotion.

I think about my friends all the time when I'm designing. That's always an arbiter. Would Katy wear this? Would Rihanna wear this? Would Sia wear it? Would Miley wear it?

With the clothes I design, I think about my friends, how I'd want them to dress, what I'd want them to wear.