Are we a people who put politics over integrity? Or are we a country of voters and leaders, men and women, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, colleagues, humans who care about treating each other with basic dignity?

Faith Salie

Faith Salie

Profession: Journalist
Nationality: American

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I once accidentally 'replied all' and sent an email complaining about my then-boyfriend to a bunch of strangers. It was meant for my friend who was a bride, but I ended up addressing her entire wedding party. Her marriage lasted; my relationship didn't.

Was Hugh Hefner a libertine or a dirty old man? Someone who empowered women or commodified them? The answer is yes!

Most of my best friends had children in their early 40s.

Snowflakery is simply being human, which makes it a pretty flakey insult.

I've always wanted, notionally, to be a mother. And I was certain I would be, because everyone I know, gay or straight, married or single, rich or not so much, who truly wants to have a child figures out a way, some way, to have one - whether through adoption, fostering, surrogacy, fertility, accident, or persistence.

One man's content is another woman's crap. And the crappy content - let's call it crontent - will never go away.

Whenever I told women - friends or acquaintances - that I had to go to divorce court, they'd invariably, without skipping a beat, ask, 'What are you going to wear?' It was like instant female solidarity: of course it mattered what I was going to wear.

This is America; our icons are complicated.

I tell my kids all the time that I'm so lucky they chose me to be their mom.

I'm an old mom of a young baby, and every moment matters.

As a mother, I don't want any girl twerking near my kid at a bat mitzvah.

Donald Trump, who surely has lots of high-stakes issues on which to focus, is consumed with the appearance of women.

The t-shirts that declare 'Girls Rule the World' offer an empirical falsehood, but at least the aspiration is there.

To my knowledge, there are, pretty much, two ways to be interesting: One is to actually do interesting things, achieve the remarkable. The other way to be interesting is to be interested, curious about the world and about other people - not relentlessly revelatory about yourself.