When I had no place to live and I had no place to sleep - and I did sleep in the Metro - I held steadfast to the fact that I had a dream, a reason why I'm doing this... that it was bigger than this moment.

Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott

Profession: Fashion Designer
Nationality: American

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There probably wasn't a day that went by in high school that I wasn't bullied either physically or verbally. It made me stronger, and I knew I had to stay steadfast to what I believed in.

The McDonald's icon of the colours and the golden arch, for me, resonates as one of the most iconic images ever.

When I design, I always pull from things that are significant to me. In my work, I search for happiness and then try to convey that joy in the clothes.

I think Barbie and I are very similar in many respects. That's why she made such a great muse for the summer Moschino collection.

I love the low-rider cars and that whole culture.

I'm never going to be inspired by some obscure film, which isn't to say I don't enjoy that sort of thing. I just want to share my work with everyone.

I'd be a pop star. Although, I was once sat front row at a Rihanna concert when she came down to the audience and sat on my lap, pointed the microphone towards my mouth, and I couldn't sing a line.

I was born dirt-poor with barely a stitch on my back, and no name or prestige attached to me, and no real clout or connections.

I'm an introverted extrovert. My job sets me apart, but I'm not hammy and don't need attention.

I've met people with my prints tattooed on them, my face tattooed on them - I have that commitment and love.

Designers have a reputation for setting the tone for what people - and especially women - are supposed to wear. How long their skirts should be, things like that. I have a different philosophy: put something out there with humour; let people see that and come around to it on their own.

I softened in my old age.

I'm a populist. I'm the people's designer... It's important that there are price points that allow people in who maybe don't have the ability to have higher-ticket items - but they can still have something very emblematic of the collection.

Even as exuberant as my style is and as over the top as I may be, I can appreciate a classic when it's really well done.