Public confidence in, and support for, the euro - and, indeed, the European Union - will ultimately be determined by how well we deliver on growth and jobs rather than on institutional wrangling and complex legal or technical negotiations.

Enda Kenny

Enda Kenny

Profession: Politician
Nationality: Irish

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Our priority will be to look after the interests of our own country and its citizens.

Irish research will contribute to global progress and have the potential to help all countries realise the potential of their land sectors in addressing climate change - this means reducing emissions, adapting to impacts, and enhancing and improving carbon sinks.

My job is to rectify the public finances and hand the country back to the people so they can really have a future, and that is what I will do.

The decision of a majority of people in the United Kingdom to vote to leave the European Union is profoundly disappointing.

We have so much discrimination in this world - colour, race, creed, all of these things - and there is an issue here that the right of marriage in the civil law is not extended to same-sex couples.

I accept the verdict of the people.

You need to talk to people, and you need to hear what it is they have to say.

I enjoy his concerts and OK, maybe - I can't sing, I can't dance, I can't play the guitar, but I am going to go a long way if I keep following Springsteen.

I've often said it: that it is seen to be a place of energy, of excitement, of enthusiasm. That there's something about Ireland.

There will be no hard border from Dundalk to Derry in the context of it being a European border, and by that I mean customs posts every mile along the road.

Clericalism has rendered some of Ireland's brightest, most privileged and powerful men either unwilling or unable to address the horrors cited in the Ryan and Murphy Reports.

COP 21 provides a unique opportunity for the political leaders of this generation to provide lasting foundations for the preservation and sustainability of generations of the future.

I have never had an interest in opinion polls. They are merely an indicator, that's all.

What I do like is action, achievements, and results. Getting things done.