I tend to watch things that aren't really the genre of my own work.

Jenny Slate

Jenny Slate

Profession: Actress
Nationality: American

Some suggestions for you :

I want to write a studio movie, but probably one that's for me to be in.

Don't think twice. If it's a character that you feel compelled to play and story that you feel needs to be told, don't think twice.

I was a teenager in '95, so I didn't dress like a woman then. I was really small. I remember wishing I wasn't wearing Gap Kids.

I've always wanted to play a normal woman, and I think I have been offered these parts where I play a kook because I'm not the idea of what a normal woman is.

Women love to be asked more about their clothes than their work. We're dolls; we made a wish to become alive.

Using creative expression as a means to a professional end makes me curl up a bit.

There's a whole thing now in the entertainment industry that's like, 'You need to write for yourself. Those are the people that are really valuable.' And it's just like, 'I don't want to! I just want to act!'

I always loved to sing and was very, very loud. I wanted to be a movie star, like Judy Garland.

I don't always feel comfortable being outwardly aggressive.

'Obvious Child,' the short, had a nice life online and a great festival run, but the short and the feature still stand apart from everything else I've done. I play a woman who you might meet in life. My other work is much more heightened.

I don't like taking physical risks at all. I take a lot of emotional risks, and I don't feel like I need to get on a bike or a horse or jump off of anything ever.

I feel nervous when the script is set in stone, and I feel nervous when I feel the script is written for mass consumption because I don't see myself that way.

I waited my whole life to be a woman, so now my clothes are fairly tight.

I wanted to be in New York because I wanted to be on 'SNL.' I spent a lot of time wanting to be on 'Saturday Night Live' as a kid. That's what I wanted.