The options are war versus peace, and I am delighted that, so far, it appears that peaceful negotiation has won the day.

Valerie Plame

Valerie Plame

Profession: Writer
Nationality: American

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To my knowledge, no one has died from a cyberattack... but there is a gray area between peace and war.

The truth is, as long as nuclear weapons exist, we are not safe.

She was very kind to us when Joe and I went through the darkest days of the leak of my name in 2003. And, of course, Joe worked in the Clinton White House.

After President Obama's election in 2008, there was a widespread hope that it would mark an end to unseemly partisan nastiness.

Of course, when you're a parent, that's your paramount concern, for your children, and there were some very credible and frightening threats, and the agency declined to provide any security, and it felt like a betrayal all over again. It was really painful.

For me, I thought I had the best job in the world.

There's a huge impact on national security and intelligence. The new normal is going to be more and more of these hacks, whether it's Target or Home Depot or the Office of Personnel Management or Jennifer Lawrence's nude photos.

I did a book event with a former colleague, Bob Bauer, and was so relieved that he said I got all the CIA stuff right.

In many, many parts of the world, being a female, you're really just wallpaper. If you take care to blend in, no one would think in a thousand years that you were doing anything suspicious.

I can tell you, all the intelligence services in the world were running my name through their databases to see did anyone by this name come in the country? When? Do we know anything about it? Where did she stay? Who did she see?

I've moved on to Plan B now, writing novels.

Joe and I are still very aware of the fact that we live in a country where he criticised the government and lived another day. That trumps all. To paraphrase Churchill, democracy is the worst form of government apart from all the other forms of government. You constantly have to fight for it; you have to keep your government honest.

There is not adequate whistleblower protection.

I have always been appalled by the depiction of female CIA operatives.