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Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

Profession: Politician
Nationality: American

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Whereas the handling of the case against President Nixon clearly strengthened the nation's respect for law, justice and truth, the Clinton impeachment may unfortunately have the opposite result.

The basic social contract is that citizens agree to follow the law, pay their taxes, and devote their love and loyalty to their country, and in exchange, the nation commits to preserve and protect and serve their interests, safeguard their freedom, and return to them in kind their first allegiance and loyalty.

Congress has the responsibility to ensure that any international trade agreement entered into by the United States must serve the national interest, not merely the interests of those crafting the proposal in secret.

In retrospect there were failures enough to go around. There were failures before the storm and failures after the storm.

The massive debt we have racked up to finance our wasteful government is pulling down growth today. Gross debt over 90 percent of GDP weakens growth now. Not tomorrow - now.

It is not legitimate that an American citizen feels that they are more likely to be arrested or held to account or stopped and searched than someone else simply because of the color of their skin.

Republicans do not believe in identity politics.

I cannot and will not violate my duty to protect confidential communications with the president.

The United States has the burden to lead for peace. And not just peace - we need peace with justice, a much harder goal.

I recall saying that civil rights organizations, when they demand more than is legitimate, it hurts their position.

I am humbled to have been asked by President-elect Trump to serve as Attorney General of the United States.

We can't do everything with a budget, but we can put the country on much sounder financial footing.

My previous 15 years working in the Department of Justice were extraordinarily fulfilling. I love the Department, its people and its mission. I can think of no greater honor than to lead them.

I'm a big fan of the DEA.